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The Rent That Toy! Rewards Program is our way of saying "Thank You" to you, our valued customers.

By becoming a registered user with rent-that-toy.com, you are automatically enrolled in this money saving program. Members earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. Best of all, earning points is easy.
Here are the ways you can start saving $$$ today!

Here's how it works.

10 points equals 1 dollar. (PS: some items have more points!)

Please note that points cannot be used to offset against any delivery or damage charges.
Points also must be used for full redemption of toys.

You can also earn points by:

Writing reviews:
We're looking for reviews of toys rented from Rent That Toy!
Reviews should be 50 words or longer and give specifics about what you or your child liked/didn't like about the toy reviewed.
Upon approval and publication of your review, the points are deposited into your account! Easy!

Each published review gets you 5 points!

Refer your friends!
Refer friends and family to rent-that-toy.com. On every product page, there is a link just below the image of the toy inviting you to share Rent That Toy! and the product information with friends and family. Simply click on this link, enter the e-mail addresses of the people with whom you want to share Rent That Toy! with and click submit! When your friends and family view this e-mail, click on the link to visit Rent That Toy! and rent our toys, you'll earn points!

Each successful referral gets you 15 points!

Be the first to report bugs on our website!
Earn points for new bugs or misspelled words found on Rent That Toy!
Be the first to alert us of a bug or misspelled English word on our website and we'll reward you for making our website better! Make sure to include URL containing the bug or misspelled word.

Each successful bug report gets you 5 points! CLICK HERE to report a bug now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my accumulated points?
To view your current point balance, click on the "My account" link at the bottom of the screen.
Log onto your account and scroll down to "My Reward Points".

Do I have to become a registered user to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program?
Yes. We know many people have concerns about sharing information with online companies and understand your desire to keep personal information just that, personal. However, our system can only track, assign, and apply points for users who are registered. Rest assured, however, that we do not sell, rent or distribute customer information to any third party.

My product review wasn't approved. Why not?
We love reading customer reviews and would like to publish all of them on our web site. However, there are a few reasons our editors chose not to publish certain customer reviews. The most common reason is that a review may not be descriptive enough for publication. For example, we often receive product reviews that simply read, "Great toy!" While we greatly appreciate the feedback, published reviews should be descriptive enough to assist other customers in their decision-making process.

To increase the likelihood that your review is published (and that you earn points!) please include details about what you liked or didn't like about the product being reviewed. Did you like the size? What did you think about the colors? Does your little one enjoy playing with the item? What about you? We're looking for details in product reviews.

How do I redeem points I've earned?
Redeeming points is easy! Just shop as you normally would. During the checkout process, you'll see an option to redeem your points with the current order. Check the box to redeem. Please note that you will need to redeem the full rental of the toy, our system does not allow for partial redemption.

I applied points to my order during checkout but changed my mind. What should I do?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the software that tracks and assigns points, we are unable to modify, update or change point values for orders that have already been submitted to our system.

This sounds great! But what's the "fine print"?
Customers must choose to apply point discounts to orders during the checkout process. We are unable to apply point discounts to orders after they are submitted. Rent That Toy! reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time and without cause or notice. Points are not redeemable for cash.

More questions?
Do you have any other questions about our Loyalty Rewards Program that weren't answered here?
No problem, just send us an e-mail at support@rent-that-toy.com


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