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Fisher Price

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  • This jumper lets baby safely jump and bounce anywhere in the suspended seat
  • Encourages and rewards baby's jumping with music and lights in a safe freestanding platform
  • A removable toy tray with lights, sounds and toys extend the fun
  • Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out

Recommended age:

  • Up to 12 kg

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Retail: $179.90

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Build up his leg muscles

Written by Deborah Teo

When we first rented the Jumperoo, my baby boy of 7 months didn't really know what to do in the toy. After 1 week or so, he grew to love it! He just love jumping in it - this is indeed a good way to expend his energy and we are very happy to see that this toy has allowed him to build up his leg muscles! Great toy!

We love watching him in it

Written by Chua Ee Ling

We love the jumperoo!!! My 8-month old simply loves this toy and we love watching him in it. The first time when my little cousins saw him in it, they dragged my aunt up from the car park to my house to watch him in action. My boy often laughs and jumps in it, even late at night! And after that, he simply falls asleep... We going to buy him the Jumperoo next week!

We love the Jumperoo!

Written by Jessica Chang

Both my baby and I like the Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo very much. My boy is very active and already at 5 months he likes jumping. It is a good toy to train that little leg muscles. It is also safe as although he jumped very vigorously, it is still very stable - no fear of baby falling out. It gives you time to do your things while they exercise away.

Almost like a hip hop dancer

Written by Pei Shi Wong

When we first got the toy, my 7-month old baby girl didn't seem to like it and I was wondering if I should exchange it for something else. However, after some days of getting use to, she was really happy jumping in it. It was really amazing to see that she actually enjoys jumping so much and so high! The jumperoo allowed my baby to explore her motor skills and she looks almost like a hip hop dancer in it now.

My son gets to enjoy it!

Written by Yat Peng Chew

My son loves it and absolutely adores sitting in it! He is 7.5 months and full of energy. It has been a handful trying to watch over him these days. With the jumperoo, he gets to enjoy a good workout while his grandpa reads the newspapers in peace, and his grandma gets time to cook in the kitchen. I thought I would never be able to afford it, but thanks to Rent That Toy!, my son gets to enjoy it and it is still in such a good condition.

Jumping happily & squealing...

Written by Lum Nancy

My girl took 3 tries to get accustomed to this toy. Now when we place her into the seat of the Jumperoo, she will be jumping happily and squealing in delight. In addition, she will grab the toy that is in front of her on the Jumperoo and play with it. Even when she is not in the Jumperoo, she will look longingly at it and when I was holding her, she will start to jump on my laps. I definitely do not regret renting this toy cos it allows her to exercise and also to train her motor skills

Initially afraid and cried

Written by Madeline Heng

We've been wanting to get the Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo for Baby J since she loves to jump but it's a little pricey. She'll also outgrow it in 2 months and we have nowhere to keep it. Renting it became our solution! My baby girl was initially afraid and cried when we first put her in the jumperoo at 5 and a half months. After she got the hang of it, she really enjoyed it!

Excellent time with the toy!

Written by Ivy Ng

My baby had an excellent time with the jumperoo and I shall rent aanother toy the next round. Excellent service, highly recommended!

Quickly got used to & loved it

Written by Joyce Ma

My 6 month old daughter was afraid when we first put her in the jumperoo, but she quickly got used to it and loved bouncing up and down. She didn't use to kick much, and I notice that after playing in this for a few days, she was kicking vigorously. The toy also kept her happily occupied while I did a task around the house. Wonderful toy!

Went gaga over it!

Written by Adeine Chong

My 8-month old niece tried one at Toys r us and loved it. So I rented the toy and she went gaga over it!

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