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Musical Learning Table

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  • This interactive, musical activity table engages and entertains baby with songs, melodies, real instrument sounds, and lots of things to spin, roll, slide, open and close
  • The LeapStart Learning Table plays over 40 songs and melodies, so your baby stays entertained while exploring
  • When babies turn the center page, the activity table switches modes and transforms musical discoveries into learning activities where each instrument plays a learning song - about the alphabet, counting, shapes or colors
  • As babies experiment with their world and learn to stand, little hands are busy reaching, grabbing and pulling. The LeapStart learning table gives your baby something to hold
  • Contoured grips make pulling up easy and help babies develop important motor skills
  • Features detachable table legs for infant floor play, a volume control and an automatic shut-off

Recommended age:

  • 6 to 36 months

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Retail: $119.00

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This toy preoccupied our child

Written by Iris Kim

This toy preoccupied our 15 months old to our advantage! She kept herself busy fidgeting with the keys and buttons, opening and closing the little purple door, sliding the knobs and rolling the drum to hear her favourite ABCDEFG…song especially when her mommy sings along with it and makes you realized that she wanted you to repeat it when she immediately rolled the drums again as the song ended and smiled at you to follow her cue to sing! This warmed our hearts to which her grandmother (who’s normally passive about toys) personally ask to re-rent it for her granddaughter!

It plays real music!

Written by Joyce Ma

My daughter and I love this toy. There are so many different tunes to play, different musical instruments and colours. The best thing about the toy is that it doesn't play cheesy kiddy music, but real music, so I actually enjoy the jazzy alphabet song. This is always the first toy that my daughter plays with in the day. Will definitely recommend it.

Worthwhile toy to rent!

Written by Tan June

I rented this toy for my 13 month girl. I must say this was a very engaging and stimulating toy that she enjoyed and never failed to play with every day! Initially she only knew how to manipulate the ones that require pressing but didnt now how to slide or manipulate the other 'non-pressing'parts of the toys. After teaching her, she learnt how to do those actions, which is great for her fine motor skills development. She also loved to open and close the green cover as she would hear 'hello'and 'byebye' respectively. She would repeat 'byebye'after hearing it. This was indeed a worthwhile toy to rent to teach cause and effect and also improve motor and language skills.

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